Meet Jordan

Raised in Stafford County, Virginia, Jordan McAlister, is a 23-year-old devoted mother to her almost 4-year-old daughter. She recalls her mom selling Mary Kay when she was little, “I loved playing with all her makeup and skin care products.” Jordan went on to say, “I was always interested in doing makeup and skin and beauty related things.”

While in the planning stages of setting up her business, Jordan knew her MU Artistry certification wouldn’t be enough to lunch the business of her dreams. She knew adding an Esthetics Education to her resume would allow her to be marketable and successful.

“I found NOVA Laser & Esthetics Training and enrolled.” Jordan thrived in an environment that put her around people who shared similar passions and wanted to learn the same things. After graduating from NOVA Laser & Esthetics Training, Jordan successfully tested and passed the State Boards becoming a licensed esthetician, essential for her business plan. “I knew it would be hard, but I’m proud that I’ve done it!”



Jordan completed Esthetics Training and started her own business right after having her daughter, raising her now four-year-old daughter as a single parent; we believe these are accomplishments that should be recognized!

Here is what Jordan has to say about her decision to enroll in NOVA Laser & Esthetics Training:

One of the hardest things to overcome that got me where I am today is probably self-doubt. There is so much a person can accomplish but doubting yourself can hold you back. When I make a big business decision, I think it through and remind myself of what I’ve already accomplished. Every time there is something I think I shouldn’t take a risk on, it always ends up being the thing I thrive the most on!

When it comes to the industry, my favorite thing about my work is probably just the fact that I love what I do, it’s my passion; it’s what I want to do my whole life.

“It makes such a difference when you get to learn about something you love! I loved the teachers, the workbooks, material, the hands-on portion – all of it. I don’t think I can pinpoint only one favorite thing.”

Jordan’s Work